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 [2012-03-25] We are exporter of used smartphone in Korea Used Smartphone Price List, used iphone and Galaxy S

We are exporter of used smartphone in Korea

Used Smartphone Price List   contact : 
ek.kim@kkst.co.kr    +82-10-2909-1252

all original unlocked (factory unlocked), GSM
BrandModel  PRICE  Order Q'ty  country/ Lock  
AppleiPhone3GS 8G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
iPhone3GS 16G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
iPhone3GS 32G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
iPhone4G 16G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
iPhone4G 32G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
iPhone4s 16G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  NEW 
iPhone4s 32G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  NEW 
SAMSUNGGalaxyS  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
GalaxyS2  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
Galaxy A  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
Galaxy note  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  NEW 
Galaxy Nexus   $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  NEW 
Nexus S   $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
GALAXY K   $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
GalaxyS2 HD  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
HTCHTC Desire HD (PD98150)  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
HTC Nexus one (PB99100)  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
HTC Desire  (PB99200)  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
EVO 4G (PG41300)  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  NEW 
RAIDAR 4G (PH39110)  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  NEW 
LGOptimus 3D - LG-SU760  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
Optimus ONE  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
Optimus Z  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
Optimus BLACK  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
PRADA 3.0  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  NEW 
Optimus 2X  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
Optimus EX  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
Optimus LTE (4G)  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  NEW 
MOTOLORAQRTY  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
RAZR  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
MOTOROI  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
ARTRIX  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
DEFY  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
MOTO GRAM  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
BLACKBERRYBlackBerry9900  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
 BlackBerry9700  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
 BlackBerry9000  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
AppleIPAD 16G WI-FI  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD 32G WI-FI  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD 64G WI-FI  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD 16G WI-FI+3G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD 32G WI-FI+3G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD 64G WI-FI+3G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD2 16G WI-FI  $        -     Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD2 32G WI-FI  $        -     Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD2 64G WI-FI  $        -     Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD2 16G WI-FI+3G  $        -     Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD2 32G WI-FI+3G  $        -     Factory Unlocked  USED 
IPAD2 64G WI-FI+3G  $        -     Factory Unlocked  USED 
SAMSUNGGalaxyTap 7" WI-FI  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
GalaxyTap 7" WI-FI + 3G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
GalaxyTap 10.1" 3G 16G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 
GalaxyTap 10.1" 3G 32G  $        -    1pcs~10pcs  Factory Unlocked  USED 

Attached file info.

Our products that you will recieve, 100% tested and grunaree!

we`re not a brokers. we have recurring suppies of used IT equipment

This is the export price.

If you do not have inventory, and shipping can be delayed.

Delivery Time: 14 days after recieving down payment.

Payment Terms: T/T (30% down payment and than 70% of remainning balance must be deposit to company account before the ship.)
                                      *Price is not included any delivery charge.

we accept Korea WON & USD

  KUMKANGSYSTEMS is your source for export of wholesale tested working used smartphone and used computer such as APPLE, SAMSUNG, LG, HTC, MOTOROLA, SONY , ETC.


KUMKANGSYSTEMS is a global wholesaler of recycled used  smartphone and computer in South Korea. We offer high quality computer equipment at liquidation prices. .



Fewer used computers and monitors are being sent to landfills these days, as many more are being recycled as global markets for used technologies develop.  In essence, the PCs and monitors sentenced to death in landfills have been given a second life in newly established recycled electronic goods markets. We provide our customers with older technology at highly competitive pricing. The fast pace of technological development has rendered many computers "obsolete," but these older systems are still capable of providing sufficient capabilities for everyday use. Our mission is to facilitate the transfer and the recycle of technology to places around the world that are in the process of acquiring computer technology.





We normally sell our smartphone and computers by the container load and air . To receive the pricing advertised it is necessary to purchase by the palette or the container. Please call us for retail pricing. We welcome potential customers to visit one of our warehouses in the Korea  to inspect our facilities and our PCs and Phone. Our commitment to excellence guarantees that our customers will receive tested/working computers and smartphone at excellent prices.



                            GLOBAL EXPORT OF COMPUTER AND SMARTPHONE EQUIPMENT                                 

We export to every major country in the world. We regularly ship to Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Chile,Philiphines, and Indonesia. We currently export over 4000 computers and smartphones each month.


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